6 AUGUST 1870, Page 21

The Story of Two Lives. By Winifred Taylor. (Nimmo.)—This is

a story, prettily told, of the lives of two women, one a noble lady, the other a poor cottager, who are born on the same day, whose lives are interwoven throughout, and who pass away from life almost at the same hoar. It is taken from the French of Madlle. de lisle, and bears some trace of its origin in what we are inclined to think the artificial look of the contrasts it sets forth between "the trials of wealth and poverty." The names of English people and places have been substituted for those of the original, but the illustrations it has not been found convenient, we suppose, to adapt. Consequently, we see above the bed of Gertrude's dying mother, an English peasant woman, an engraving of the Madonna and child, a crucifix, and a receptacle for holy water, while the "good curate of Clifden " appears in the dress of a Roman Catholic priest.