6 AUGUST 1870, Page 3

The French Government is determined to teach Germany what it

has to expect if it is beaten. In its Tuesday evening edition the Journal Olficiel contains an article declaring that France is not at

war with Germany, but with the policy of Count Bismarck. Just before Sadowa, says the official paper, the Emperor sketched out a plan which would have yielded Prussia all the satisfaction compatible with the independence and equilibrium of Germany, would have maintained Austria in her great position, and would have assured a closer union among the minor States. M. Bismarck rejected it, and by excluding Austria betrayed the common country. He brutally despoiled Princes whose crime was fidelity to the Federation. These German countries profoundly regret their Princes. France desires that the Princes of the South should regain the prerogatives of a real sovereignty. To deliver, Germany from Prussian oppression, to save the Danish nationality from ruin, to conquer an equitable and lasting peace,--such is the programme of the new war. In other words, its object is to break Germany into fragments ; and Bismarck, who is now always complaining of the duplicity of France, may now congratulate himself upon her Caziar's clearness. He has only to translate thin last manifesto, send it to every soldier, and have it read from the pulpits.