6 AUGUST 1870, Page 3

The St. Paul Press states that the Red River insurgents

have completely given in. They consider that the Bill constituting their settlement a province under the name of Manitoba with full representation concedes all they want, and now ask only an amnesty. This, it is believed, has been conceded, and will in- clude Biel, who is represented as most anxious to yield up his Presidentship to Mr. Archibald, the new Governor. The Press, therefore, suggests that the Expedition should go back again. Manitoba will be much the better of a few soldiers, stationed about, just to express an opinion in case Riel should like to murder anybody else for loyaltyas he murdered, according to all Canadian accounts, poor Mr. Scott. By the way, where is Mr. Whalley, that he is not taking up the Red River ? Here is a clear case of priestly machination, with a Catholic bishop acting as principal go- between, and Peterborough is silent ! Or is it Mr. Whalley's fixed principle never to make a charge unless it is utterly unfounded ?