6 AUGUST 1977, Page 25

Raven nods

Sir: Simon Raven must indeed have been a precocious child to have spent his mornings in wartime Cambridge engrossed in 'classical texts and arcane dissertation on series and matrices'. He must also have been given a lot of pocket money to have hoped to be able to pay back Donald Beves his £50.

Or is this just another piece of slipshod writing, repeated later (Notebook, 23 July) when he tells us of the Graham Sutherland exhibition at Somerset House? It's not there — it's at the National Portrait Gallery's annexe at Carlton House Terrace. Somerset House is exhibiting paintings of London at the Thames and charging us a mere £1 to see them. Not surprisingly this unpleasant information is omitted from their publicity. Nigel Dawson 6 Eldon Grove, London NW3