6 AUGUST 1977, Page 25

Tarts' tariff

Sir: Well, your Mr Waugh may be all manner of horrid things, but at any rate he isn't a punter; not at any rate currently obtaining in London, that is. 'British prostitutes . . . who continue to ply their trade at £20 a time (Arabs £30 extra),' he writes (30 July). Golly, those were the days! We naughty girls have had our pips squeaked by galloping inflation going through the roof and this country's crippling tax system (Dawn Upstairs has had to move to America), just like everyone else, and in consequence have more than doubled our prices. Representatives from PUSSI and representatives from the Society of West End Punters got round the table in April and hammered out a new agreement under which the minimum hourly rate for a girl is £50 (Arabs £150).

Emma Jane Crampton 139 Elm Park Mansions, Park Walk, London SW10