6 DECEMBER 1919, Page 2

Lady Astor was returned on Friday week for the Sutton

Divi- sion of Plymouth, the seat vacated by her husband's succession to the Peerage. She gained a handsome victory for the Coali- tion, polling 14,495 votes against the Labour man's 9,292 and the Liberal's 4,139, so that she had a thousand more votes than her opponents combined. It may be noted that while the Coalition poll had declined by 2,596 since the General Election and the Labour poll had increased by 3,958, the Independent Liberal polled only 651 votes more than in December last. On the same day in the Thanet Division Mr. Esmond Harmsworth, the Unionist candidate, had a majority of 2,653 over an Independent Liberal. Mr. Harmsworth is just twenty-one.