6 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 1

Of the subsidiary appointments, the best—so far as we can

yet know—and most important are those of Mr. Courtney as Chairman of Committees, a duty for which he seems ex- pressly fitted ; of Sir Lyon Playfair as Vice-President of the Board of Education, and real director of public instruction ; and of Mr. James Bryce as Tinder-Secretary for India, an admirable appointment. Mr. Arnold Morley, M.P. for East Nottingham, the new Whip or Patronage Secretary to the Treasury, wins golden opinions ; and Mr. H. H. Fowler, the new Financial Secretary to the Treasury, is a man of unquestionable power. Mr. Hibbert is to be Secretary to the Admiralty ; while Mr. Herbert Gladstone is, it is said, to be Financial Secretary to the War Office. Mr. Charles Russell, Q.C., is to be Attorney- General ; and Mr. Horace Davey (who will probably be returned for Flintshire, in place of Lord Richard Grosvenor, who goes up to the Lords) becomes Solicitor-General,—again an excellent appointment. Unless Lord Richard Grosvenor is to be Post- master-General, that office has not yet been filled up.