6 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 2

The negotiations between the Prince of Bulgaria and the Porte

have succeeded. The Sultan has signed a decree appointing Prince Alexander Governor-General of Roumelia for five years, with power to modify the "Organic Statute" of the province as he pleases. It is added that the appointment, unless opposed by the Powers, will be renewed; and, in fact, so far as the Treaty of Berlin will permit, the fusion is accom- plished. As the Sultan's nomination to the Governor-General- ship requires the assent of the Powers, it is expected that Russia will make difficulties ; but Prince Alexander has now 100,000 soldiers behind him. In return for the Sultan's con- cession, he accepts a Field-Marshal's command in the Turkish Army, and promises to assist the Empire with all his troops. We have tried elsewhere to indicate what all this means. It is the first step towards a military federation of the Balkans under the Sultan.