6 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 23

A Glance at the Italian Inquisition. Translated from the German

of Leopold Witte by John T. Betts. (Religious Tract Society.)— This " glance " is really an account of the opinions and execution by burning of Pietro Carnesecchi, a reforming theologian who was born at Florence early in the sixteenth century, and perished at Rome on October 3rd, 1567. It has been drawn from original documents, which seem to have somehow got separated from the mass of Roman records which Napoleon I. caused to be transported to Rome and which Louis XVIII. restored to Florence. One would like that they should all be examined ; and why should the Papal authorities object, maintaining as they do that the action of the Inquisition was merciful and righteous ? As it is, the sixty-nine volumes from which this account of Carnesecchi's trial has been taken ought to yield a good deal.