6 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 24

Boos RECEIVED.—Brazil and Java : Report on Coffee-Culture in Americ. , ,

Asia, and Africa, by C. F. Van Delden Lafirne, illustrated with plates, maps, and diagrams (W. H. Allen and Co.)—A trhns- lation of Bacquez's The Divine Otrwe, considered front a Devotional Point of View, edited by the Rev. E. L. Taunton, with a preface by the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster ; The Chair of Peter, by J. N. Murphy, a new edition, with the statistics brought down to the pre- sent time ; and Volume II. of a Biographical Dictionary of the English Catholics, by J. Gillow (Burns and Oates).—Gloesary of the Dorset Dialect, by W. Barnes, B.D. (M. and E. Care, Dorchester; Triihner and Co., London).—iVlry I ant a Liberal, being defiuitions and per- sonal confessions of faith by members of the Liberal Party, collected by A. Reid (Cassell and Co.) —The Criminal Code of the German Empire, translated, with prolegomena and a commentary, by G. Drage, new edition of George Meredith's Ordeal of Richard Feverel (Chapman and Hall).—.& tenth edition of Channing's Works ("Christian Life" Publishing Com pany).—Erolution and Religion, eight sermons by Henry Ward Beecher (J. Clarke and Co., London ; Fords, Howard, and Halbert, New York).—Volume I. of Schfirer's History of the Jeavi-h People in the Time of Jesus Christ, translated by Sophia Taylor and the Rev. P. Christie (T. and T. Clark, Edinburgh).—Volumes I. (1882 83) and IL (1884) of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Canada (Dawson Brothers, Ifontreal).—A Compendium of the Castes and Tribes Found in India, by E. J. Kilts (Education Society's Press, Bombay).—A student's edition of Mary D. Sheldon's Studies in General History (Heath and Co., Boston, U.S.A.)—Part I. of the Report on the Mortality and Vital Statistics of the United States, as returned at the tenth census (June 1st, 1830), by J. S. Billings; and Statistics and Technology of the Precious Metals, by S. F. Emmons and G. F. Becker (Government Printing Office, Washington).—The Phoinomena, or "Heavenly Dis- play" of Aratos, done into English verse by R. Brown, jun., F.S.A.; and The Rotifera, or Wheel-Animalcules, by C. T. Hudson and P. H. Goose, Part I. (Longmans, Green, and Co.)—A second edition of Dngald Bell's Among the Rocks Round Glasgow (J. 3faclehose and Sons).— The Elements of Thermal Chemistry, by M. M. Pattison Blair and D. M. Wilson ; Report on the East Anglian Earthquake of April 22nd, 1884, by It. Meldola and W. White ; Scientific Theism, by F. E. Abbott, Ph.D. ; and Elementary Algebra, by C. Smith, M.A. (Macmillan and Co.)—Meynert's Anatomy, Physio- logy, and Chemistry of the Brain, translated by B. Sachs, M.D. (Put- nam's Sons, London and New York).—Shelley's Alastor, and other Poems, a fac-simile reprint of the original edition first published in 1816 (Reeves and Turner, and B. Dobell).—A revised edition of a Handbook to the Grammar of the Greek Testament (Religions Tract Society).—Notabilia of Greek Syntax, by the Rev. F. W. Aveling, M.A. (Relfe Brothers).—The Pentaglot : a Miniature. The English original by Adam Thorn, the French and German translations by Miss E. M. Ross, the Italian translation by A. D. Liberi (Pisa), and the Spanish translation by P. Gonzalez (Madrid). (Remington and Co.)—Five Years of Theosophy, essays selected from the Theosophist (Reeves and Turner) —A fifth edition of Sidgwick's Greek Prose Corn..- position; and TVhat I Should Believe, intended as a simple manual of self-instruction for Churchpeople, by A. Bathe (Rivingtons).— A Cmco-dzove to the Plays if Shakespeare, by W. H. Davenport Adams (Rontledge and Sons), the key-word arrangement of which makes reference easy.—Our Hanover:an Kings, a short history of the Four Georges, embracing the period 1714-1830, by B. C. Skottowe, M.A. (Sampson Low and Co )—God and Mammon, by J. Platt (Simpkin, Marshall, and Co.)—The Law relating to Trade- Marks, by R. S. Mushet (Smith, Elder, and Co.).