6 FEBRUARY 1886, Page 24


Baler (E. C.), Guide to the Examination of the Nttse, or 8vo (Lewis) 5/6

Beeton's Illustrated Diet of Physical Sciences, cr 8ro ... (Ward & Look) 7/6-

Blind (MA Hearne Rowland, or 8vo (W. H. Allen) 3j6 Clarke (T. H.), The Prescriber, 12mo Simpkin & Co.) 3/6

Crosbie (W.), Is the Spirit of the Lord Straitened ? ...(Hodder & Stoughton) 2/6

Dahu (F.), Saga of Halfred, or 8vo (Simpkin Ss Co.) 6/0 Dalla-Torre (K. W.), Tourist's Guide to Flora of the Alps ...(Sonnenschein) 5/0 Daly (J. B.). Radical Pit neers of the Eighteenth Century ...(Sonnenschein) 6/0 Finch (G. B.), Ca.es of the Law of Contract, roy 8vo ...(Camb. Univ. Press) 28/0

Frank's Rancho, 12mo (S. Low & Co.) 5/0 Greenwood (T.), Roam at N..turalists, Cr 8vo . (Simplon & Co.) 2;0

Harvey (M.), Where are We, and Whither Tending ? 8vo (Trtibnei 6/0 Hyde (H. B.,, Lenten Meditations, 12ma alkeffington 2/0

Lewis's Pocket Medical Vocabulary, 32mo Lewis 3/6 Ley (B.), Fist de, .. volt or 8vo (Qaaritch) 10/6

Milford (P.). Ned Stafford's Experiences lathe United States (S. Low &Co.) 5/0

Pero 'no (I'. T.), Haggai and Zechariah, 12-no (Camb. Univ. Press) 3/11 Rockstro (W. S.), General History of Music, 8ro (S. Low & Co.) 14/0 Rouse (L. 11.), Memoir of, Cr Sr° (Alexander) 2/0 Sinnett (I. P.), The "Occult World Phenomena," 8ve (Redway) 1/6 Standage (H. E.), Arti-t's Manual of Pi ments, or 8vo (Lockwood) 2/6 Smuggler's Bay, and other Tales, 8vo (Simpkin & Co.) 3/6

Walker (J.). Cow and Calf, Diseases of, or Svo Simpkin & Co.) 1/6-

Warde (W. E.), Lines, Grave and Gay. or 8vo (Field & Tuer) 3/6

Wenger (J.), Life of, or 8vo (Alexander) 2/6

Wilson (G.), Calculator for the Metal Trades, or 8vo (Simpk n & Co.) 5/0