6 JANUARY 1866, Page 8

The Jamaica Commission is now fully constituted, and has gon

out, Sir II. Storks' colleagues being Mr. Russell Gurney, Recorder of London, and Mr. Blessed Maule, Recorder of Leeds. There seems to be every reason to be satisfied with the gentlemen chosen. They are all, we believe, Conservatives. But Mr. Russell Gurney is both acute and humane, and far above the imputation of being biassed by any party consideration ; and the same may, we under- stand, be said of Mr. Maule. Mr. J. Horne Payne has been sent out by the Anti-Slavery Society to watch the commission on their behalf. Ile has been generally supposed to be a young Tory of the true Standard type, but no doubt his professional duties will overbalance all 'private considerations of this sort.