6 JANUARY 1866, Page 8

The merchant princes of London have not yet quite lost

their old princeliness in giving. They approve Mr. Rogers' scheme for a great City Lyceum, and accordingly twenty-eight firms have each subscribed to his project 1,000/. Half the sum he wanted has therefore been raised, and the committee of bankers and merchants formed at the Mansion House to assist the project have resolved to raise the fund to 100,000/. If in ad lition to this amount Parliament will assign to them one or two of the un- paed City charities, Mr. Rogers may yet found a lyceum in the City adequate to the immense work required of it—the education of the class which will not attend the national schools and cannot pay for others. The money will be raised, and then Mr. Rogers will have to resist the philanthropist's besetting temptation to spend money on brick and mortar.