6 JANUARY 1906, Page 10

The Duke of Devonshire, in acknowledging the resolution recently passed

by the Unionist Free-traders and forwarded to him by Mr. Arthur Elliot, has made an important pro- nouncement on the two great questions of home politics. Dealing with Home-rule, which, he observes, has been "some- what unexpectedly revived by the Prime Minister," the Duke of Devonshire remarks that the Irish policy of the new Government will be carefully watched, and probably criticised, by Unionists, in and out of Parliament. But in view of the unchanged attitude of the electorate, and the declarations of leading members of the Government, he regards it as in the highest degree improbable that they will incur the risks of introducing another measure for the establishment of an Irish Legislature in the next Parliament. "If there is still danger to the Union," continues the Duke, "it lies in a more remote future, and would consist in the possibility of its defenders being identified with an unsound and unpopular policy on some other great national question."