6 JANUARY 1906, Page 37


[Under this heading we notice such Books of MD week as have not been reserved for review in other form.]

The facsimile of the "First Folio of Shakespeare's Plays" (Oxford University Press) produced by the collotype process has been followed up by facsimiles of the Poems and Pericles, Prince of Tyre. The poems • are in four parts, "Venus and Adonis," "Lucrece," "The Passionate Pilgrim," and "The Sonnets." "The Passionate Pilgrim" has, it is true, but a questionable title. It was nothing leis than an imposture. The printer, one William Jaggard, had got hold of a few genuine poems (two of the "Sonnets" and songs from Love's Labour's Lost), and printed these along with a miscellaneous collection from other hands, with "By W. Shakespere" on the title-page (curiously enough, another edition appears in 1612 without the name). The five volumes can be obtained in one (.24 4s. and .23 3s.). Each has a full critical and historical introduction by the chief of modern Shakespearean scholars, Mr. Sidney Lee.