6 JANUARY 1923, Page 25

PUBLIC READING IN CHURCH. [To the Editor of the Sencaverou.]

SIR,—I think that Public Reading 'in Church is better than it was in my youth ; and at least it seems to me that more of it is passably good and less of it villainously bad. The clergy will never, however, render the Service worthily until they realise with George Herbert that Sunday is our great Field Day, and that nothing but our very best is tolerable on Sunday. The Lessons require to be studied beforehand. My own practice is to read each Lesson over twice before reading it in Church, but sometimes I come upon passages that require much special study and thought before they can be adequately rendered. The power of a well-read Lesson is tremendous. If the clergy realised this they would spare no pains to master our great weapon—the English Tongue.—