6 JANUARY 1923, Page 32


The question of " Liberal Reunion " naturally takes first place in this Liberal Review. Mr. Harold Spender discusses it from the standpoint of policy, somewhat vaguely and not very hopefully recommending Liberals to agree on a pro- gramme. Captain Wedgwood Benn, on the other hand, deals with the personal side and suggests that the National Liberals are on the whole in accord with the Independent Liberals on the issues—apart from foreign policy—which will endure. He has no suggestion to make as to Mr. Lloyd George's future. Sir Sydney Olivier deals with " The Upshot of the Capital Levy Discussion," which, he thinks, oddly enough, has strengthened the case for a levy. Professor Jenks and Mr. Humphreys put the case against and for " P.R." Mr. W. B. Harris, of Tangier, tells the whole painful truth about the Spanish reverses in Morocco and the alleged " submission " of Raisuli, which was recently reported from Madrid. Mr. Anthony Clyne's article on Marcel Proust is particularly clear, well informed and judicious.