6 JULY 1895, Page 7

Besides the Peers, there is a shower of baronetcies, in-

cluding one for Captain Naylor-Leyland, the Conserva- tive Member for Colchester, who, it will be remembered, embraced Gladetonianism after a kind of instantaneous conversion. It is not too much to say that no gift of honours

during recent times has produced such a storm of indignation and disgust. The Gladstonian Press lave been almost as loud in protest as their opponents. The knighthoods are fairly satisfactory. Mr. Milner becomes a K.C.B., and so does Mr. Giffen. We are heartily glad that Mr. Giffen should have received this tardy recognition of his great services to the public ; but one can hardly forbear the comment, "had it been timely it had been kind." Colonel Colvile is made K.C.M.G., and Captain Lugard a C.B. As Burke said, " We live in an inverted order." No one will grudge Colonel Colvile his honour ; but if he who followed in Captain Lugard's footsteps in Uganda deserved a knighthood, what did Captain Lugard deserve P Captain Lugard, however, is one of those men who would probably escape decoration, even if it rained stars and ribbons from Heaven. We must not forget to add that Mr. Campbell-Bannerman becomes a G.C.B., and Mr. Fowler a G.C.S.I. It remains to be said that lest the element of humour should be entirely absent from the proceedings, Lord Rosebery closed his Administration by solemnly decorating him: elf with tl e Thistle.