6 JULY 1895, Page 7

Parliament will be prorogued to-day and dissolved on Mon- day.

All the Cabinet Ministers in the Commons have been, of course, re-elected without a poll, so that it was possible on Wednesday to pass the Factory Bill, with Mr. Chamberlain's help, through its Report stage, and to read it a third time in the House of Commons. We hope that the House of Lords will have time to complete this imperfect but yet very valuable piece of legislation. Except Lord Rosebery, Mr. John Morley is the only member of the late Government who has as yet delivered himself on the situation ; but he spoke at Manchester on Thurs- day, with a good deal of acrimony, of Liberal Unionism as dead, and of Toryism (which, in our opinion, is far more dead than Liberal Unionism) as still very much alive, and as much more respectable than its deceased partner. He described the new Government as a Government that calls itself Unionist, and that really pledges itself to thwart every division of the King- dom except England. We do not think that he will find it so. What might be said with much greater truth is that Ireland, Wales, and a rather hesitating majority of the Scotch people have long been leagued together in an unholy alliance to trample the great majority of the English people under their feet.