6 JULY 1895, Page 7

The D uke of Norfolk is to be Postmaster-General (outside

the Cabinet); Mr. Gerald Balfour (Mr. Arthur Balfour's brother) is to be Secretary to the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, also without a seat in the Cabinet ; Sir John Gorst is Vice- President of the Council and Education Minister, also outside the Cabinet ; Mr. Hanbury is Financial Secretary to the Treasury ; Mr. G. Curzon, Under-Secretary for Foreign Affairs ; Lord Selborne, Under-Secretary for the Colonies ; Lord Onslow, Under-Secretary for India ; Mr. St. John Brodrick for War ; Mr. Jesse Collings, Under-Secretary to the Home Department ; Mr. T. W. Russell, Parliamentary Secretary to the Local Government Board ; Mr. McCartney is Secretary to the Admiralty ; Mr. Austen Chamberlain, a Civil Lord of the Admiralty; Mr. Powell Williams, Financial Secretary to the War Office ; and Lord Dudley, Parliamentary Secretary to the Board of Trade. We rejoice to see the inclu- sion of the Duke of Norfolk, because we believe that it must imply a fair treatment of the Catholic schools, besides the addition of a very able man to the Administration. On the whole it is a very able, but an unwieldy Administration.