6 JUNE 1914, Page 2

Speaking at Rothwell, Mid-Northants, last Saturday, Lord Milner, commenting on

the argument that Home Rule would bring peace and contentment to Ireland, observed that the country saw one section of Irishmen armed to the teeth to resist it, and another section of Irishmen proceeding to arm too. Lord Milner's description of the conversion of Ireland into an armed camp by our pacifist Government is no exaggeration. The spread of the Nationalist Volunteer movement, Bo far as mere numbers go, is proceeding apace, and it is asserted by the promoters of the movement that nearly one hundred and thirty thousand men have joined the ranks. What is more remarkable, the Nationalist M.P.'s, who have hitherto held aloof, are now addressing meetings of the Volunteers. Mr. Landon, M.P., speaking at Limerick, declared that he bad come to organize the Volunteers on the express instruction of Mr. John Redmond. " With or without the proclamation, the Volunteers would get rifles into Ireland, and the county of Limerick would be the first outside of Ulster to be armed to the teeth. When the Tory Party returned to power they might possibly try to give better terms to Ulster, but the Irish Party could turn to the Volunteers and say: ' You leave the Bill on the statute book or elea—.' They all knew the 'else.' Whether they bad to face Carson or England armed, they would be ready."