6 MARCH 1852, Page 18



History of Greece. By George Grote, Esq. Volumes IX. and I. The Literature and Romance of Northern Europe : constituting a com- plete History of the Literature of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland ; with copious Specimens of the most celebrated Histories, Romances, &c., and Scenes from the Life of the Present Day. BY William and Mary Hewith in two volumes.

Regal Rome; an Introduction to Roman History. By Francis W. New- man, Professor of Latin in University College, London. History of the Island of Corrii, and of the Republic of the Tones islands. By Henry Jervis- White Jervis, Esq., Royal Artillery. The History of Gustavus ram, King of Sweden. With Extracts from

his Correspondence.

The Political Experience of the Ancients, in its bearing on Modern Times. By Hugh Seymour Tremenheere. [Mr. Tremenheere has been induced to publish this volume as an en- acaTOOT towards neutralizing the political poison disseminated by the cheap popular publications, with which his duty as "Commissioner under an act of Parliament" has made him acquaint. It consists of an. adapted trans- lation of the Polities of 'Aristotle, the remarks of Polybius on the Roman Constitution, and Cicero's, treatise on a Republic, to which some remarks are added from modern writers; It is a valuable little book on the philosophy of government; but more likely to be useful to the studious than to the class of persons to whom it is chiefly addressed.] The Adventures of a Beauty. By Catherine Crowe, Author of "Susan Hopley," &c. In three volumes. [The substance of this fiction is quite of the circulating library cast : a young woman with tastes and habits above her station-a private marriage, [he proofs of which are not forthcoming-roguery of the man who is the next heir, if the marriage cannot be proved-a child abstracted, and various similar matters. The manners or the society depicted in the book is also conventional; life and actuality are wanting. The merits of The Ad. ventures of a Beauty are literary. Mrs. Crowe has a distinct perception, and presents her ideas easily and clearly to the reader. There is moreover a good deal of clever contrivance in the story, as well as consistency in the characters, especially those in humble life.] Old Eighteen-fifty-one; a Tale for Any Day in 1852.

[A. quaint account of the leading facts of the past year, especially in the Progress, Peace, Temperance, and Anti-Slavery lines ; each subject being arranged under its own head. The matter is presented in an appropriate framework ; spoken off by the Old Year, or a masker in his guise, at a juve- nile party on New-Year's Eve.]

The Elements of Euclid for Beginners; designed for the Upper Classes in Elementary Schools, &c. By Jacob Lowree.

77a Burning of the Amazon, a Ballad Poem. By the Reverend Chauncy Hare Townshend.

The most remarkable new editions are an American importation on Coins, with some account of the American Mint ; and the Memoirs of Holcroft, forming a new volume of Messrs. Longman's Traveller's Library. This last is a work which is not only interesting from the marked character and chequered career of the man, but from its incidental picture of the times. Memoirs of the late Thomas Holcroft, written by Himself ; and Con- tinued to the time of his Death, from his Diary, Notes, and other Papers. (The Traveller's Library.) Hew Varieties of Gold and Silver Coins, Counterfeit Coins, and Bul- lion • with Mint Values. Second edition. By Jacob R. Eckfeldt, and William E. Du Bois, Assayers of the Mint of the United States. Projectile Weapons of War and Explosive' Compounds. By John Scot- fern, N.B., &c. &a..nd edition.

The Farmer's and Cottager 's Guide. By Alexander Campbell. Fourth edition.

The Slingsby Papers. (Readings in Popular Literature.) The German Speaking Method; or the shortest, easiest, and surest way to Learn the German Language. By J. W. Schirm, Phil. Dr. and Professor in Wiesbaden.

New Sisatem.

Bleak House. By Charles Dickens. With Illustrations by H. K. Browne. No. I.

Chancery Suit, with very probably a concealed marriage, but at present supposed to be no marriage at all, constitute the beginning of Bleak House; what the story itself may consist of, future months will be requisite to show. Aayet the reader.gets no further than the Court of Chancery at Lincoln's Inn, in a foggy November day ; both the fog and the court being made the most of in the manner of Mr. Dickens. The principal persons are, a faahionable lady, her lord, and their attorney, parties to the great suit of " jaredyce and jarndyce," and the heroine, a supposed natural child. The descriptions, though quite as elaborate, are more spontaneous than is usual with Mi. Dickens. There are some shrewd remarks on current topics, and in Mrs. Jellyby a clever picture of a current weakness-a female philanthro- pist neglecting her family to attend to Africa. The persons represent types of the times, but rather, it strikes us, as the embodiment of ideas in the au- thor's mind than as really living characters.]


717se Life-boat, or Journal of the National Shipwreck Institution. No. 1. [A cheap journal, published by Mr. Charles Knight, and primarily designed for circulation among fishermen, the Coast Guard, and others placed in cir- cumstances to bring them in connexion with wrecks. The object is to promul- gate facts about shipwrecks, and suggestions for saving life by improvements in life,boats, &o. ; to give an account of bold exertions and their rewards; and generally to disseminate information connected with the subject. The first number draws largely for its facts upon the Report of the Committee on the Northumberland life-boat ; the present First Lord of the Admiralty having offered a prize for the best-constructed boat, and the labours of the Conrmittee having nearly exhausted the rationale of coast-wrecks and life- boats in their award.] The Gardeners' Record. No. I.

[A cheap periodical, designed to furnish useful information for gardeners of all classes. It will contain essays on floriculture, instructions for the culti- vation of particular plants, monthly directions for the garden and green- house, miscellaneous facts, light articles, and the current news of the horti- cultural world.] Paseemarrs.

Tracts on Catholic Unity. By Members of the Church of England. Nos. LT.IL, andIII.

Deserters from the Congregation ; a Sermon, preached at the Reopening of the Parish-church of St. Martin's, Leicester, on Sunday evening, 8th February 1852. By Charles John Vaughan, D.D. Head Master of Harrow School, &e.

The Ministry of Reconciliation ; a Sermon, preached at the Reopening of St. Martin's Church, Leicester, 8th February 1852. By Edward Thomas Vaughan, M.A., &c.

The Education, Question. By Edward Girdiestone, MA., &e. Ex- tracted from the Church of .England Quarterly Review.

A Rejoinder to the Bishop of Eweter's Reply to the Editalwrgh _Review. By the Edinburgh Reviewer.

Protection and Communism. From the French of M. Bastiat. With ft Preface by the Translator.

The Aristocracy and the Public Service, &o. By the Liverpool El- nanosal Reform Association.

The Four Primary Sensations of the Mind: the Sublime the Pleaeing, the Low or Ridiculous, and the Thipleasing. £bIEatay. Byjohn Bell, Sculptor.