6 MARCH 1852, Page 19


PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Cox and Pidgeon, Basingstoke. stationers-Ednionde• BOIL and Mason, Peter Street. Southwark Bridge Road, coppersunthe-Clare and Hill. Liverpool, attornies-Mann and Co. Robert Town, Liversedge, Yorkshire, colliery-workers; as far as regards J. Mann sen.-J. and J. Mann, Halifax, colliery-workers-Robertson and Lane, Warnford. Court, stock-brokers-Drouhet, and Azemar. London, merchante-Christopliee. and Searles. Great Ceram Street,, wine-merchants-Ratcliffe and Medworth., West Walton, Norfolk, millers-Sparks and Belsher, St. Helen's, Lancashire, Joinara-llattaraley jun. and Co. Hope, Derbyshire, mill-stone-maoufacturers ; as far as regards T. Marples-Elenderion and Co. Pine-apple Place, Edgeware 7ros4, nurserymen-T.. and T. Hollingsworth, Liverpool, timber-merchants-Kroehl and.Riekeles. Jeffreys Square, St. Mary Axe, commission-merchants-Bradford and Co. Burtonwood Lancashire. potters-Rick. shy and Dale, Sunderland linen-drapers-Wisely and Karkeek. Manchester, ware. housemen-W. and J. Courtney, Houndsditch, elothiers-Tebbit and Power, Black- friars Road, surgeons-Potter andTomlinson, Ashton-under-I4net iron-workers-B.. F. and G. F. rank, Great Charlotte Street, Surrey, drapers-Harrison and Co. John Street, Cambridge Heath, asphalte-manufacturers-Walker and Co. Little Tower Street, tea-dealers-Carpenter and CO. Bristol, coal-merchants-Bower and Co. Bev. mondsey Street-Pratt and Co. Huddersfield, curriers-Clarkson and Co. Li painters-Rodocanachi. Brothers, Great Winchester Street, ineurance-agenM- k- ens and Co. Bristol, fiint-glass-manufacturers-Leech and Wild, Ashton-under., Lyne, silk-plush-manufacturers-Kershaw and Ashworth, Mill-end, Lancashire; cotton-mannfacturers-Dewhirst and Co. Bradford, Yorkshire, stuff-merchants- Plowman and Brewster; Exeter, fancy-trimming-manufacturers--Hall and Son, Maidstone, printers - WUrtsburg and Rennert. Leeds, wed-merchants-Shari) aW,? Brown, Lonsight, Manchester, tailors-Dean and Co. St. Bwithin's Lane, solicitors.- Finlayson and Co. Glasgow, manufacturers, Bairsuurrents Atoreirxe.-Jsues Tama Jonas, Rathbone Place, Manchester.' warehousecuan-Ssetem. Cuero, West Derby, founder. BANICHISPTE,-ALEXANDER.BRINTOW FILABER aild.CHAaLse LIOHTFOOT, Lime Sheet,. merchants, to surrender March 12, April 16: solicitors. ; . Sale and Co. Manchester; odicial assignee, Stanslield. Dasinghall Street-0E0mM. BENNETT and AIRIANDEE Boon', Long Acre, dealers in Scotch whisky, March 14. April 5: solicitor, Langton. Staple Inn; odicial assignee. Johnson, Basinghall Street -SAMIIEL WATE.msos,, Writhe, Essex, innkeeper, March. 11, April 9: solicitors,. Hawkins and Co: New Boswell' Court Gepp and Valley, Chelmsford; official et.S.. signee, Bell, Coleman Street Buildings-JOHN STAFFORD, West Smithfield, tailor, ' March 16. April 20: solicitors, Linkhters, Site Lane; ofiltial assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-Fes:4cm Pen: and Tnonss Ammer, Newmarket, saddlers,: March DI April 20 • solicitors, Abbott. and Co. New Inn, Strand; Phillips,. New.' Market; official assignee, Edwards, Sambrook Court-Ttronas BROOKES, Banbury, printer, March 16. April 20: solicitors, Rogerson and Ford, Lincoln's Inn Fieldel Smallbridge, Gloucester:. official assignee, Groom._ Abchurch Lane - ALFRED EL. nomovon, Crescent Road, Milbank, coal-merchant„March 11, April 20: solicitor, Dile, Warnford Court ; official assignee, Groom, Abchurch Lane-Joisx Boogies, Leicester, grocer, March 19, April 16: solicitors, Taller, Leicester; James, Birming- ham ; official assignee, Bittleston, Nottingham-Wisuitm and GRIFFITH Tnomes, Aberaman, Glamorganshire, grocers, March 16, April 20: solicitors. Sole and Co. London; Brittan and Sons, Bristol; official assignee, Acraman, Bristol - Jong FRPINKRICK REErite, Taunton, scrivener, March 10, April 14: solicitors, Walter, Taunton; Stogdon, Exeter; official assignee, Hirtzel, Exeter-Wittiest BROXRT, Hull, maltster, March 17, April 14: solicitor, Smith, Sheffield; official assignee, Carrick, Slull-Joax Yarn, Prescot, Lancashire, builder. March 16, April 6 so- licitors, Fisher and Stone, Liverpool; official assignee, Cazenove, Liverpool-Joins Davres, Abergele, Denbighshire, grocer. March 12, April 8: solicitors, Evans and Son, Liverpool; official assignee, Turner, Liverpool-Joan EussoN, Liverpool, iron- monger, March 16, April 6: solicitor, Toulmin, Liverpool; official assignee, Mor- gan, Liverpool-WILLIAM PEVERLEY and Jong Amiss Crum:rms. Sunderland, shipbuilders, March 17, April 6: solicitors, Moore, and Ransom and Son, Sunder- land; official assignee, Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne-Gzoaog Team:tom., Coxhoe, Durham, draper, March 17. April 8: solicitors, Berle, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne; official assignee, Wakley, Newcastle.

Drinnesrns.-March 6, (and not Feb. 28, as before advertised,) Colquhoun. Wool- wich, money-scrivener-March 23, Clarke, St. Mary Cray. baker-March 23, French, Old South Sea House, merchant-March 26, Beattie and Macnaghten, Nicholas Lane, merchants-March 23, Haywood, Birmingham, grocer-March 24, Adams, Hannier. Flintshire. cheese-factor-March 24, Watson, Leeds, commission-agent-March 23, Reid, lluddersfield, merchant.

CERTTFICATE8.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-March 24, Nicholson, Woolwich, grocer-March 24, Williams, Thornhill- Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, coal-owner-March 24, Gausden, Hove, Sussex, victualler -March 25, Moss jun. Stock. Essex, miller-March 26, Martin, Bishops Stortford, sack-manufacturer-March 26, Woods, Brompton, builder-March 25, Clabbon, Stapleford, Cambridgeshire, newspaper-proprietor-March 25, J. R. and W. Irving, Liverpool, shipwrights-March 25, Smith, Liverpool. earthenware-manufacturer- March 25. Brown, Liverpool, ship-chandler-March 25, Longbottom and Fawcett, Leeds, cloth-merchants-March 25, Crosland, Elland, Yorkshire, corn-miller.

DECLARATIONS OF DIVIDEND8.-Mercer, Church Passage, Spital Square. silk-mer- chant; first div. of Is. any Tuesday; Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Sheffield, Tom- lin Terrace, Poplar, builder ; first ails of Si. 8d. any Tuesday; Nicholson, Basing- hall Street-D'Arcy, Pall Mall East, hotel-keeper ; first div. of 2s. 6d. any Tuesday; Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Moyer, Old Street, linen-draper ; first div. of Is. 54d. any Tuesday; Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Lyon, Saffron Walden, draper ; first dlr. of Is. any Tuesday ; Nicholson, Basinghall Street-Taylor, Chancery Lane, law-sta- tioner; first div. of 2s. any Monday; Nicholson, Basinghall Street.

&oxen figangsraamons.-M.Cormick, Stranraer, builder, March 8, April 5- 'Wilson, Irvine, innkeeper, March 8, 29-WKaye, Glasgow, baker, March 5, 29.

Friday, March 5.

PARTNER-411ln DISSOLVED.-J. I. and E. I. Headley, Cambridge, iron-founders-A. and E. Flintoff, Nottingham, milliners; as far as regards E. Flintoff-F. and J. Longman, Wolverhampton, guano-merchants-Barber and Sons, Hollinbrig, manu- facturers-Ives and Crosley, Clement's Lane, attornies-T. and B. Grime, Pres- ton, reed-makers-Rutter and Henshall, Manchester, attornies-Hewitt and Ab- lett, Hull, oil-dealers-Newbottld and Baildon, Sheffield, merchants-Cooper and Co. Bristol, grocers-Ray and Swann, Liverpool, cabinet-makers-Murray and Co. Port- man Street, milliners-Fulford and Co. Birmingham, brewers ; as far as regards J. Fulford-Tugman and Benit, Jeffrey's Square, St. Mary Axe, commission-merchants -Drant and Blackith, Leeds, chemists-Turley and Hockins. New Street, New Rent Road. brewers-T. and C. Lancaster, Brigghouse, Yorkshire, machine-makers -Lower and Co. Baker Street, drapers-Cameron and Viall, Oxford Street, silk- mercers-Patient and Sheffield, Eingsland Road, coal-merchants-Surmon and Co. New North Road, furnace-makers for the consumption of smoke ; as far as regards W. Maides and II. J. Tarling-The Glasgow and Highland Steam-packet Company -The Aberdeen Fire and Life Assurance Company, the National Provincial Bank of England, and the Union Bank of London; as far as regards M. and J. Ross.

Rucriaorror ANNIILLED.-JANze Gitirrosr, Leeds, woollen-draper.

Barrgaurrs.-Tnomes FREENAH, Northampton, innkeeper, to surrender March 12, April 16 solicitors, Reed and Co. Friday Street ; official assignee, Cannan, Al- dermanbury-Tmosias FovrEss, Redditch, innkeeper, March 18, April 19: solicitors, Browning, Redditch; Hodgson, Birmingham ; official assignee, Whitmore, Birming- lham-Enwaan Baum Ssirrn HOFF, Holbeach, dealer in chicory. March 19, April 16 : solicitors, Shirton and Co. Holbeach; Motterain and Co. Birmingham; official assig- nee, Bittleston, Nottingham-Jong WomEasrsi-v jun. Huddersfield, ironmonger, March 22, April 19: solicitor, Barker, Huddersfield ; official aasignee, Hope, Leeds -Ifsenagis Watts, Brigg, Lincolnshire, draper, March 24, April 14: solicitors, Jones, Size Lane ; Blackburn, Leeds; official assignee, Carrick, Hull-ANNE BAILIS, Sheffield, victualler, March 20, April 24: solicitors, Selby and Make- son, Lincoln's Inn Fields ; Bramley and Gainsford, Sheffield ; official assignee, Freeman, Sheffield-Jamas SHUSRAN, Sheffield, ironmonger, March 20, April 24:: solicitors, Boole and Yeomans, Sheffield; official assignee, Freeman, Sheffield- JOISIVISt SHAW, Manchester, warehouseman, March 22, April 19: solicitors Sale and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Pott, Manchester-JosEem Hots, solicitors, Lancashire, miller, March 17, April 8: solicitors, Thornley and Jevons, Liverpool ; official assignee, Bird, Liverpool-Witsaam &Isar, Liverpool, merchant, March 17, April 8: solicitors, Neal and Martin, Liverpool; official assignee, Turner, Liverpool.

DITIDENDS.-March 26, Bumsey, High Wycombe, money-scrivener-March 30, Taylor, Creek Road, Deptford, shipwright-March 30, Notting, Poole, currier- March 30, Monet, Creed Lane, wine-merchant-March 29, Christie, South Sea Chambers, coal-merchant-March 27, M. and L. Rowlandson, Whitechapel Road, drapers-March 27, Sevin, Wisbeach, draper-March 29, Bonny, Gravesend, vic- tualler-March 26, Everett, High Holborn, hydraulic engineer-April 2, Thompson, Derby, draper-March 27, Fletcher, Dudley, publican-March 29, Weston, Welling- ton, Salop, surgeon-April 8, Wood, Bristol, provision-merchant-March 26, Grant, Liverpool. tobacco-broker-March 26, Abrahams, Liverpool, tailor-March 26, Glenny, Liverpool, corn-merchant-March 29, Sherwin, Liverpool, baker-March 29, Wilkinson, Liverpool, tailor-March 30, Unsworth, LiverpooLjoiner-March 39, Johnson, Liverpool, merchant-March 29, Wilkinson, Birkenhead, builder-March 30, Reel, Liverpool, coffeehouse-keeper-April 2, Dewhurst, Preston, provision- dealer-March 26, Welsh, Huddersfield, woollen-cloth-merchant.

CRRTIFICATE8.-7b be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.-March 26, S. and N. T. Isherwood, Ludgate Hill, house-decorators-March 30, BatesaHighgate, plumber-March 27, Heilbronn and Harrison, Great St. Helen's, drysalters- March 27, Markwick, Martin's Lane, Cannon Street, manufacturer- March 26. Billing jun. Reading, brick-maker-March 26, Gossage, Prescot, chemist -March 26, Rayner, Manchester. tailor-March 29, Chadfleld. Manchester, plasterer -March 30, Foulkes, Birkenhead, druggist-March 26, Welsh, Huddersfield, wool- len-cloth-merchant-March 26, Barr and Sykes, Huddersfield, spinners-March 29, Weston, Wellington, surgeon-March 30, Raiford and Co. Wragge, Stourbridge, bankers.

DECLARATIOR8 OP Divrnmins.-Wright, Oxford Street; third div. of 2d. March 8, or any subsequent Monday within six menthe; Cannan, Aldermanbury-Ekin, Cam- bridge, spirit-merchant; first div. of 5s. March 8,'or any subsequent Monday within six months; • Getman, Aldermanbury-Quadling, Ipswich, railway-carriage-builder; first div. of 9d. March 8, or any subsequent Monday within six months ; Cannan, Aldermanbury-Ball, Martin's Lane, Cannon Street. merchant; third div. of 9d. on Saturday next, and three subsequent Saturdays; Groom, Abcburch Lane-Crudg- ington, Tipton, iron-master ; final div. of Rd. on the separate estate, any Thursday before April 30; Whitmore, Birmingham - Litchfield, Birmingham, druggist; first div. of 13s. 3d. any Thursday before April 30; Whitmore, Birmingham-Lind- sey, Market Beeping, draper ; first div. of 3s. 9d. March 19, or any alternate Friday until June 25; Bittleston, Nottingham-Douglas, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, draper ; further div. of Ils. 5d. any Tuesday ; Mackenzie, Manehester-Tordoff, Pudsey, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer ; first div. of 48.3d. March 9, or any subsequent Mon- day or Tuesday; Hope, Leeds-W. W. and M..Spence. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, tai- lors; second and final div. of 2 2-3d. and a first and final div. of Is. 50. on the sepa- rate estate of W. W. Spence, March 13, or any subsequent Saturday ; Wakley, New- castle-upon-Tyne.

&mu Sztrisrritaxiogs.-Cross, Glasgow, carver, March 10, 31-Weir, Glasgow, provision-merchant, March 12, April 9-Dick, Glasgow, house-factor, March 9, April 1-Bowman, Glasgow, baker, March 11, April 1-Johnston, Huntly. merchant, March 10, 31-Wilson, Greenock, soap-manufacturer, March 10, 31-Macnair, Glas- gow, congreve-match-manufacturer, March 10, 31.