6 MARCH 1852, Page 2

Cht tout.

Tin Queen gave an audience to the Marquis of Lansdowne on Saturday. On Tuesday her Majesty held a Court, in Buckingham Palace, at which several of the minor members of the late Administration resigned their offices, and their successors kissed hands. On Wednesday the Queen held her second levee' in St. James's Palace. The Earl of Derby had an in- terview of unusual length.

The Queen held a Court and Privy Council, at Buckingham Palace, yes- terday, At the Court, the Earl of Clarendon and some other members of the late Administration had audiences on resigning their offices. Prince de Carini presented his credentials from the Duke of Parma. The Council was attended by all the Cabinet Ministers. A new florin was submitted to the Queen, and approved of. After the Council, the Earl of Eglinton, Lord- , Lieutenant of Ireland, had an audience to take leave. The Earl of Derby had an audience.

The Duchess of Kent has visited the Queen almost daily. The Duke and Duchess de Nemours have been visitors; and have received a visit from the Queen and Prince Albert at Claremont. The Queen took two of the Princesses, at the beginning of the week, to visit their grand-aunt the Duchess of Gloucester, at Gloucester House.

The Duchess of Cambridge and the Princess Mary arrived in London, from a long Continental tour, on Saturday : their residence in St. James's Palace not being yet prepared for them, they went, after taking luncheon with the Queen and Prince Albert, to the residence of the Duchess of Gloucester at Kew.