6 MARCH 1852, Page 2

War has actually broken out with Burmah, and is most


Eleding with enlarged activity. The King of Ave. seems to vr been only temporizing and trifling when he promised redress for the outrages on British merchants ; a promise which he has followed up by fresh outrages and audacious defianees of the forces sent to exact reparation. The successive attempts to bring him to reason have proved strong enough only to exasperate him and to instigate new aggressions avenging his chastised authority ; and insufficient proceedings at first will compel the British Government to take ample measures for subjugating the barbaric potentate. It will be done : but meanwhile we have on hand, besides our African wars, a war with the barbarians beyond India; and we all know that Indian frontier wars, which look small at first, often expand to large proportions before they are dosed with victory.