6 MARCH 1852, Page 5

IRELAND. Lord Naas, as the new Chief Secretary, will have

a sharp fight for his" county—Kildare. Mr. Cogan, a Liberal Catholic, stands against him; and it is said that but for some intrigues by a portion of the Irish Bri- gade there would be no doubt of Mr. Cogan's success. The Opposition papers say that that "the supporters of Lord Naaa calculate much more on divisions among the Catholic clergy and electors, and upon the indif- ference of some of the local gentry, among whom Mr. Cogan is not a re- sident, than on their own strength." The election is to be on the 13th instant.

The reelection of Mr. Bateson for the county of Londonderry, on the 13th, is not doubtful. It was at first thought that Mr. Napier, the Attorney-General, would be unopposed ; but a candidate is said to be canvassing the non-resident members of the Uniaersity in the provinces, and to be coming out in- stantly.