6 MARCH 1852, Page 9

At Chelmsford Assizes, on Thursday and yesterday, Henry Harrington was

tried for the murder of Elizabeth Cobb. This was the Tolleabury mur- der, which we described at the time it was perpetrated. A strong case of cir- cumstantial evidence was made out against the prisoner, but one important link failed : the bloody razor, found hidden in the ditch, could not now be identified as the one which had been missed from the cottage in which the prisoner lodged. The Jury retired for two hours and a half, and returned with a verdict of "Not guilty."

At Oxford, on Wednesday and Thursday, Gulielmo Giovanni Bazetti Xa- labergo was tried for the murder of his uncle, Giovanni Maria Ferdinando Kalabergo, the Italian jeweller of Banbury. A very convincing case of cir- cumstantial evidence was made out ; but it was shown in defence, that an Italian named Peter Romano, who frequently took his meals at the house of the murdered man, has disappeared wholly since the murder. The prisoner was found "Guilty," and sentenced to death.

At Winchester, yesterday, Mrs. Elizabeth Benham was tried for killing her servant-maid, Ann Griffin, by cruel treatment—chiefly confinement in a damp cellar. Surgeons showed that Griffin died from causes unconnected with her treatment by her mistress. Mrs. Benham was acquitted ; and Mr. Justice Erie endeavoured to remove from her the pain of her situation, by declaring his opinion that the prosecution was a mistake. It was founded on

Coroner's inquest.

The Amazon fund now amounts to above 11,000/. It will be kept open for about another month, and it is expected ultimately to reach 12,000/. Its -final disposal will be made on the 10th instant, by the united committees of Southampton and London. About 150 persons have to be assisted or sup- ported by it ; amongst them are 70 children and about 40 widows.