6 MARCH 1869, Page 16


SIR,-1 think the frequent argument, again brought forward by " J. R." in your last number, that in the utterance of the above words Christ must be understood in the same sense as when He said " I am the vine," " I am the door," &c., will hardly hold ground.

In answer to the argument, if you will allow me, I will quote a French writer, whose name I forget. For convenience' sake I will give a translation of the passage :—

" When our Lord said, 'I am the door,' it is quite clear that He meant to illustrate by a figure or metaphor that it is through Him alone that we can cross the threshold of heaven. He took care to make this explanation to His disciples when they were alone. But in uttering the words "fhis is my body,' He made a plain assertion. Observe, too, that there exists no analogy between a body and bread; and, moreover, this declaration not serving to illustrate any truth, our Lord would not have used a form of expression which signified nothing, either in itself or in a figure. Again, our Lord always explained to His disciples, when they were alone, the metaphors which he used ; but not only did ho not explain this, but Ho was alone with them when he declared it."

Hoping you will be able to find room for this, I am, Sir, &c.,

F. W. R.