6 MARCH 1953, Page 20

The Shrew

" Should never've asked his old lady to help at the threshin', an' things might have gone easier, but he likes help. Don't think he's havin' a real day unless the place is cluttered up with people gettin' in each other's way. He goes into the kitchen an' asks her. She comes out with her hands on her hips and gives a few orders. Wasn't as if we had lathered ourselves before. Then she goes up the rick to fork. That done it ! The stuff was carted too soon. It had heated. It had been badly thatched. All His work and She knew ! She lifts a forkful that was rotten as dung. ` What you call this ? ' she yells, and slings it down at him. Well, it spoilt the day. I never done a threshin' where so much abuse was slung about. I never known a woman that could make herself heard above the noise of a mill, not for hours on end anyway. There was thive sheaves of muck for every one that was fit. I bet she hasn't letlhim forget it yet, but he would have help !"