6 MARCH 1964, Page 15

41ki mm Letters Sex in Oxford Christopher Hollis,

Nicholas A. J. Philpot, Michael K. Pye Saving the Cinema Donald H. Harker. Sir Michael Baicon

lThe Kissing's Over Rachel Powell, Herb Greer PhD in Cornish

The Provost of Columbia University

German Double-Think . Otto Steinsiek Towards a New SS? Constantine FitzGibbon Trade Unions and the Law Gershon; Stewart

The Incomes Policy Myth

K. G. J. C. Knowles and D. Robinson The Psyche Unchained Norman Kilgour

SEX IN OXFORD Six,—Dom Moraes in his article on 'Sex in Oxford' says that undergraduates arc not able to lock the doors of their rooms. I have several times recently heard undergraduates make this extraordinary asser- tion, so cannot doubt that it is so. But, if so, since when and why? In my day the most elementary right of every undergraduate was that of 'sporting his oak' if he wished to be uninterrupted in order to work or for any other reason. As a result nobody was' ever found doing anything, which was a simple and en- tirely satisfactory remedy for an otherwise insoluble problem. In Cambridge it is still, I believe, possible for undergraduates to lock themselves in, as a result of which they never get into the newspapers.