6 MAY 1865, Page 1

Of course speculation is active as to his possible successor.

The- post would not,—with the dissolution so near,—be quite as tempt- ing as the Lord Chancellorship usually is, as it might not im- probably lead to a mere shelving in the Upper House after a tenure of power of two or three months. Rumour has settled for some unknown reason on the Master of the Rolls, Sir John Romilly, and has hovered over Sir Alexander Cockburn. The latter, however, would have all the work to learn, as he knows nothing but common law, and though a man of great ability, is by no means a great lawyer, even in that department. It might well be that Sir Roundell Palmer would prefer the Attorney-General- ship, with its various chances at this juncture, to a tenure of the greater office that might last only a few months.