6 MAY 1865, Page 2

Admiral Fitzroy, the well-known meteorologist, committed suicide on Sunday morning

at his own house, Upper Nor'wood. He had overworked himself of late, found that he was losing his memory, became sleepless, and resorted to opium to obtain ease, which aggravated his symptoms. His doctor had warned him that he ran great risk of paralysis, but from a false tenderness did not at once compel him to give up labour. The Rev. F. Tremlett said the nervous condition of the Admiral had been a subject of conversation between himself, Captain Maury, and the deceased, and the witness had expressed an opinion that he was on his way to lunacy. The jury of course returned a verdict of tem. porary insanity. We wonder to what extent death from over brain-work increases. The returns do not show it, but people who live in great cities hear of it with increasing frequency. It is worth recording that in the opinion of a very great physician the true remedy for the sleeplessness which is the most distressing symptom of overwork is not opium, but Bass's beer, drunk at bed time, instead of at dinner.