6 MAY 1865, Page 2

Constance Kent was committed for trial at Trowbridge on Thursday,

the evidence, with two exceptions, being much the same as that given before the magistrates at the time. The- tWo exceptions were, however, remarkable. The night dress covered with blood, which disappeared and was so mach talked,about at the time, was, it appears, found by a local police-serjeant and given to the police-superintendent, Mr. Foley, who either forgot or suppressed it, at all events never produced or even mentioned it to any one. Miss C. A. Green, "lady superior" of St. Mary's Hospital, Brighton, who asked the Court "that in questioning her respect should be had to the confidence" between spiritual mother and daughter, declared that the murder had been repeatedly mentioned between herself and Miss Kent, that the latter said she had done "it "—she always called her crime "it "—out of revenge on her stepmother, and with a razor secreted out of her father's dressing-case. If that razor had been found on the spot, and traced to that dressing-ease, nothing in the then condition of public feeling could have saved. Mr. Kent. The Rev. A. D. Wagner, Protestant curate of St. Paul's, Brighton, denied that any pressure

• had been applied to Mite Kent, but refused to give any further information, as all he knew was "under the seal of confession." The quiet way in which these priests and priestesses assume that their silly opinions place them above the law is noteworthy.