6 MAY 1865, Page 2

The Emancipation Society held a meeting on the evening of

this day week to express their abhorrence of the crime and their

reverence for the murdered President, at which both Mr. W. E. Foster, MT. for Bradford, and Mr. Stansfeld, M.P. for Halifax, spoke with great force and feeling. The Hon. Lyulph Stanley quoted and happily applied Mr. Lincoln's, memorable words at the cemetery of Gettysburg, "We can do little to honour these noble dead. It ia rather for us to be dedicated -to the work which they have so nobly begun ; it is for us to devote ourselves to the cause for which they have given the last full measure of their devotion ; for us nobly to resolve that the cause for which they perished shall not die, and to say that, as far as lies in us, the Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not peEsh from the earth." A multitude of other meetings for the same purpose have been held this week, of which we can only notice that of the London working-men on Thursday at St. James's Hall, which certainly showed a hearty_and unanimous respect among them for Mr. Lincoln. In noticing last week signs of opposite feeling, which in London, though not in the North, are numerous enough br the same class, we had no intention of disputing that the majority even here are politically sound at heart.