6 MAY 1865, Page 2

The murder of the head of the State, and of

such a head of the State, has taken for the time almost all flavour out of the American news, almost as the death of a hero might out of a story. Neverthe- less the occupation of Mobile, which took place on the 9th April, the same day on which General Lee capitulated, must be recorded. Only the gunboats of light draught were able to cross Dog River bar, and but a small land force was engaged. But there was no heart in the defence. The Confederates made no fight, and the Federal troops have now full command of the great Alabama river, which will give them easy access to the heart of the State beyond Mont- gomery. Selma and Montgomery are already in the hands of the North, and though Mr. Jefferson Davis is said to be in Augusta, there is no Confederate army but General Johnston's of any magnitude east of the Mississippi. It is known that General Johnston was at one time in treaty with General Sherman for its surrender, and the last news brought rumours, very probable but not of any certain authority, that the surrender had taken plate. General Johnston will scarcely hazard his army's destruction.