6 MAY 1865, Page 3

Mr. Cardwell on Thursday night produced his Bill for grant-

ing pensions to retired Colonial Governors. The pensions com- mence at sixty, must have been earned by at least eighteen years' service, and are proportioned to salary. If the governor has had 5,0001. a year he will get 1,0001. a year, if 2,000/. and upwards 7501., if 1,000/. and upwards 5001., and if less than that amount 250/. The principle is not quite a fair one, the worst appoint- ments in point of climate being also the worst paid, and Mr. Card- well must beware of increasing the already sharp pressure to pro- mote governors by seniority. He does not want always to send governors of sixty to Melbourne or Ottawa. It would have been wiser to adopt the principle of the Indian Civil Service, and give a pension of 500/. a year without distinction of appointment.