6 MAY 1916, Page 2

The British and Irish troops, Regulars and Territorials, and the

Coristabulary seem to have done all that was asked of them in this most trying experience of street fighting, showing bravery, endurance, and ingenuity, witness an armoured ear constructed out of a brewer's lorry. The result shows the futility of fighting even with modern rifles against artillery at short range. The cover of houses and factories was not bag available for the rebels, and even the most reckless and short-sighted would have foreseen the inevitable if any preparations had been made visible by the authorities. Apparently none were visible. There can have been no doubt about this in the minds of the Germans who egged on the revolt. Small pieces of evidence have cropped up to prove that Germany had supplied arms and ammunition and, no doubt, money. The callousness of Germany towards her dupes is again manifest. To fight such a nation is hard and dangerous ; to truckle to her friendship is death and disaster.