6 MAY 1938, Page 20


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR] SIR,—I am afraid both Professor Sir Alfred Zimmern and Professor Kasmer missed the point of my letter which you were good enough to publish on April 22nd. I had no intention of " reopening " the broad question of educational conditions in Slovakia before 1914, nor did I say there was no Magyarisa- tion in pre-War Hungary. Principally I wanted to protest against an exaggeration (which, on Sir Alfred's admission, turned out to be an old lady's tale) and pointed out that at a time when a country possessing minorities had no legal obliga- tions towards them, when minority treaties were unknown, when minority rights were not even defined—Hungary did provide schools for her minorities.. It may be argued that they were inadequate. But no doubt both Sir Alfred Zimmern and Professor Kastner will admit that Hungary has been more than adequately punished for any " inadequacy " that may have existed.

The continuous rubbing in of what happened before the War is not a bit helpful at a time when it woukl be in the interest of all concerned to contribute something constructive towards Danubian appeasement.—! am... Sir, your obedient

Royal Hungarian Legation, London. _ Press Attaché.