6 MAY 1989, Page 24

Sorry to miss you

Sir: Sydney is a great place, as any Syd- neysider will tell you boastingly and at length, but Jeffrey Bernard is indulging in fantasy with his Sydney restaurant bill of a standard £12 (even if one excludes the wine and vodka) (Low life, 4 March).

Perhaps he was pissed by the time the bill was presented? (He seems to have been on the day he went to The Bluewater Grill above Bondi Beach — now deemed to be polluted way beyond the greatest fears of the Tourist Board — for that fabled place lost its grill in his article.)

If any other British visitors are planning to have British Airways fly them to Syd- ney, they would be well advised to have their credit cards in their hip-pocket, as well as £12 in their hand, if they venture to any of the swish joints Jeff went to in his Nigella role.

Yet it is pleasing to hear that an experienced luncher and drinker finds us praiseworthy, and one is sorry not to have met him, drunk or sober.

Anthony Richards

42 Clayton Street, Balmain, New South Wales, Australia