6 NOVEMBER 1847, Page 20


Aaaprzn-At Gravesend, 31st Oct. General Sir William Nett, Outerbridge, from Manilla. At Bombay, previous to 30th Sept. Moffatt, Smith ; Mary, Kemp ; and Sir H. Hardinge, M'Donald, from London ; Anjer, Bell ; and Henry Gardner, Moyter, from Liverpool. At Madras, 18th Sept. Aurora, Corkan ; and Llewellyn, Wiffiycombe, from Liverpool. At Calcutta, previous to 20th Sept. Seringapatam, Furnell ; Agricola, Bell ; Stunarang, Buckle ; Edmondsbury, Stewart ; and S. Boddington, Chapman, from London ; 131orenge, Banks ; Emperor of China, Brown ; Athole, Browne ; R. Pulsford, Heedless: Hope, Miller ; Scotia, Peacock ; Anne Mary, Hilton ; Queen of England, Pearson ; Hannibal, Cordelier ; Victoria, Carphin ; Palatine, Stubbs; and Glammis Castle, Duncan. from Liverpool ; Victory, Potter, from the Clyde ; and Ju- Under, Howlett, from Newcastle.

SAILED-From Gravesend, 1st Nov. Reaper, Thompson, for Ceylon ; and 3d, Chasely, Wright:. for Sydney ; Sooioo, Butler, for Batavia ; and John Hulled, M'Intyre, for Mauritius.