6 NOVEMBER 1847, Page 9

It is reported that the Board of Trade have decided

on remodelling the management of the School of Design, in the mode suggested by the Com- mittee of the Council. Thus the management will be vested in a Committee of the Council, to consist of fiye members, three of whom to be artists; the Master at the head of each class to be styled " Professor," and to act under the Committee, not under the " Director "; whose occupation seems to be gone, though we do not find anything said of his resigning.

Last night's Gazette contains two orders in Council,—one extending the provisions of the International Copyright Act to the works of authors, artists, and musicians, first published in Hanover, the privilege to commence from the 28th October; the other prescribing the rates of duty to be hence- forward paid on the introduction of such works into this country.

A vacancy has occurred in the office of Taxing-Master of the Con rt of Chancery, by the resignation of George Getty, Esq. The salary is 2,000/. Per annum, and the office is in the gift of the Lord Chancellor.—Globe.