6 NOVEMBER 1847, Page 9



The long.talked-of assemblage of Peers, Members of Parliament, and landed proprietors of Ireland, called together by the "Irish Council," took place on Thursday, in one of the small rooms of the Rotunda. The num- ber present is not stated; but the attendance is described as falling short of what was to be expected from the long notice and the exertions made to beat up for recruits. Lord Cloncarry presided. He was supported by a considerable number of Irish notables of all parties: for instance, there were Lord Milltown, Mr. Fagan, M.P., Mr. Nicholas Power, M.P., the Honourable Cecil Lawless, M.P., Mr. Monsell of Tervoe, M.P., Sir Lucius O'Brien, M.P., Mr. Smith O'Brien, M.P., Mr. John O'Connell, M.P., and Mr. Charles Gavan Duffy. Sir Coleman Ologhlen as Secre- tary to the meeting, read a report prepared by the "Irish Council." It declared the necessity of providing present supplies of food for the people, and of increasing the future productiveness of the country; suggesting modes of doing so. In order to provide food, Parliament is invited to im- pose a ;property-tax on Irish proprietors; relief for the able-bodied to be given only in exchange for labour. In order to the improvement of the country, the report suggests a bill to secure to tenants the value of their improvements' with "tenant-right," and checks on subletting; encourage- ment of flax-culture, and of fisheries; and an increase of the currency by the issue of "Government debentures." A string of resolutions based on the report was proposed: the three first were adopted, and the considera- tion of the remainder was deferred till Saturday; till which day the meet- ing adjourned. 'We have the best authority for stating, that already effective steps are being taken for carrying out the project so warmly recommended by the Holy See in the late rescript—the establishment of a Catholic University in Ireland. One of the Irish Prelates has put down his name for 10,000/. as his guaranteed subscription to encourage the glorious work. A parish priest has proffered 5001. for the purpose.—Evening Freeman.