6 NOVEMBER 1847, Page 9

The Yorkshire Gazette of this morning announces the death of

Dr. Edward Harcourt, Archbishop of York, in the ninety-first year of his age and the forty-first since his translation to the Archiepiscopal diocese- " The melancholy event took place yesterday, at the Palace, Bishopthorpe. His Grace was in his usual good health up to within a Yee?, recent period; and on Monday last he visited the city, and inspected the magnificent chapterhouse in

our cathedral, expressing his great gratification at the manner in which the restoration of that noble fabric had been conducted. On Wednesday morning, his Grace was taken seriously ill, and medical assistance was called in; Dr. Simpson and Richard Hey, Esq., being consulted. On Thursday the venerable Prelate was no better; and, considering his very advanced years, fears were en- tertained for his recovery. His Grace continued to sink rapidly; and notwith- standing every effort on the part of his medical advisers, it was evident yesterday morning that his long and valuable life was fast ebbing to a close. His Grace died at one o'clock?