6 NOVEMBER 1964, Page 17

Red Man's Burden

They told me that the Indian children were very deficient in vitamins A and C. So whenever I flew up that way or drove there I always made it a point to take along boxes and boxes of vitamin tablets.—Barry Goldwater.

Lo, the poor Indian, whose untutored diet Does not suffice to keep his stomach quiet, Suffered, along with other lighter sins, From a deficiency of vitamins.

Goldwater, sympathetic to his ills, When driving by, would bring a box of pills, Containing A and C in just supply To make it fairly sure he did not die.

Vitamin B is quite another matter,

Its main effect to make thin Indians fatter.

And pills that only keep a patient well A free society should buy and sell, For only Communists believe in hampering The Indian's freedom by excessive pampering.