6 NOVEMBER 1999, Page 83


A first prize of £30 and a bottle of Graham's Six Grapes Port for the first correct solution opened on 22 November, with two run- ners-up prizes of £20 (or, for UK solvers, the latest edition of The Chambers Dictionary — ring the word 'Dictionary'). Entries to: Crossword 1438, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL.

Two unclued I ghts (each of two words) combine to form a phrase describing the others (one of which is a proper name).

Name Address ACROSS 1 Ridicule revolutionary bands (8, hyphened) 5 Doctrine in time creating alarm (6) 14 Horse finished, we're told (3) 17 Twist follows leader of thieves for a spell (5) 18 Benefit, lower in the past (5) 20 Surprise step (7) 22 Factory in French town almost beside railway (7) 24 Notice knife outside cave, and other things (7) 25 Dwarfs dig (wanting diamonds) and start to sing (5) 26 Enrols for combat (5) 28 Leader in trouble around Lytham's last green (7) 33 Took up thatching, covering quantity (7) 37 Employing undertone initially, turn informer (5) 38 Hoax thus takes in humourless fellow (5) 39 Quality mitre bishop ordered (6) 41 Swear fool continually irritated (10) 42 Outlaw gang with appeal (6) 43 Surface of arch, rough-hewn sort, axed (8) DOWN 1 Sleuth full of skill and lucidness wrapping up unfinished case (13)

2 Veteran English idol in action (5)

4 Ring on show in window (5) 6 Cut off one bit of onion to go in pan (7) 7 Run down country garden's borders (6) 8 Certain chap explaining point (4) 10 A reed's broken, destroyed (6)

11 Rag? Paper, not very long runner (9)

12 Reveal timeless toys: they'll do for game (13, two words) 13 Irate, net about pamphlet (8) 15 Worm bird found among stones (7, hyphened) 21 Muscle's upward part receiving a vet's treatment (8) 23 Be concerned about badger's slaughter (7) 27 Warriors with spirit over in turbulent Asia (7) 30 Settlers almost mended fences 32 Novel Sterne's written, cuckoo? No (6) 35 Drama distracted rover (5) 36 Pain troubled palm (4)

Solution to 1435: Working party

The other unclued lights were 'TROJANS (6A). In the grid as 'n the story, CASSANDRA is against and LAOCOON'S seen through, 'ME WOODEN I TORSI: (in the fifth column).

First prize: Barbara Robinson, Waterloovillc. Runners-up: Mrs A.P. Burnett, Dorset; Mrs K. Fowler, Manchester.