6 OCTOBER 1866, Page 1

Rumours of another attack by the Fenians on Canada are

rife in American■ papers, and are evidently believed by Lord Monck, for lite British Government is quietly despatching troops. The chiefs of the organization feel themselves strong enough to tell the President that they control 700,000 votes, to demand offices, and to request that he will interfere for the release of their compa- triots in Canada and Ireland. We are informed that the alarm created in Canada by this movement is serious, the Canadians believing that if the Fenians once got a foothold, their sympathizers in the Union might compel the Government of Washington to recognize and assist the invasion. Those apprehensions may be exaggerated, but it will be well if, on the next invasion, the Fenians should receive a somewhat severe lesson,—not on the gallows, but

in the field. In Ireland they might possibly claim to be patriots, in Canada they are simply brigands.