6 OCTOBER 1866, Page 1

The Austrian Emperor, relieved of the fear of attack from

the southward, appears to believe that it might next year be safe to renew the war. He is doubling his infantry by drilling recruits for only twelve month; who are then dismissed to make room for others, and he intends to retain till the grand explosion autocratic power over all his provinces. He hopes, it is said, for assistance from France, and forgets at least three very important facts. Bavaria has joined Prussia; Hungary would rise to-morrow, if assured of the permanent protection of Germany ; and an invasion from France would make all Germany one. If the Kaiser tempts for- tune again after this fashion the Prussians will not again halt be- fore Vienna, and the work which Austria might even now accom- plish in the East must be left to Hungary under her German pro- tector. In the meantime the Austrian revenue is still expended upon the army.