6 OCTOBER 1866, Page 1

There is a revolution going on in Burmah, and no

less than four Princes, sons and grandsons of the reigning monarch, have each been proclaimed King. The second son seems to have begun it, having murdered his elder brother and tried to murder his father, and taken possession of all the border territory. It is supposed, however, that another pretender, son of the murdered Crown Prince, has the L it chance ; but the only thing certain is, that each will kill as in. ny of the others as he can, and the survivor will reign. The revolution does not endanger British territory, as each pre- tender 'is afraid lest his rivals should obtain British aid ; but Colonel Phayre is watching the frontier, and a collision might compel us to seat a nominee of our own upon the throne of Ava. It would not be very troublesome work, and the Europeans in Burmah want some trade privileges.