6 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

It is a remarkable fact that Narvaez, the present Premier,

has contrived to isolate Spain for the moment from the rest of Europe. To judge from the few facts which ooze out as to the suppression of the press, the punishments inflicted for free speaking, the incessant executions without trial, a revolution must be on the eve of breaking out in Spain. The Government is sitting on the safety-valves, and will be blown to atoms by the explosion. No account of affairs, however, reaches England, even private letters are silent, and a reign of terror unexampled in modern Europe prevails at Madrid. The Government seizes a British ship off Madeira under pretence that she is a Chili= cruiser, Lord Stan- ley is compelled to remonstrate sharply, and the people appear ignorant even of the occurrence.