6 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

Mr. Raymond, the editor of the Neu) Yale, 7i:ties, and

by fat the ablest of Mr. Johnson's friends, has, it is said, deserted the President. His enemies affirm that his reason is the rapidly declining sale of his paper, but the one ho gives himself is rea- sonable and more honourable. The people, he says, will not entreat power to men who were against them in the war, and power under Mr. Johnson's policy is returning to the anti-war democrats. The more moderate Republicans are falling back on every side into the Radical ranks, and General Grant has at last openly declared him- self. He accompanied the President in his recent tour "by order," but considers it unreasonable to call on the people to trust those with whom they have so recently been contending in arms. If he is sound in detail as well as principle, he is of course the inevitable future President, and will make an excellent one. He has the faculty of holding his tongue.